Matt (iberia) wrote in baseballhistory,

The 100th World Series

Is Major League Baseball run by a bunch of idiots?

I have been reading a bunch of articles on Major League Baseball's website about the "100th Anniversary of the World Series, which coincidently, is this year, this upcoming world series. Except the articles were written in 2003, about the upcoming 2003 series (that the Marlins won). Oops. Last year was the 100th Anniversary, but due to two seasons in which the World Series was not played (1904 and 1994) the 100th World Series is this year. So all the pomp was effectivelty wasted on the 99th World Series that just happened to fall 100 years after the first one was held.

Two scenarios are being played out in my mind: First is that Major League Baseball is hoping everyone forgets John McGraw's refusal to have the New York Giants play in the 1904 fall classic and the strike which ended the 1994 season early, two stains on Major League Baseball's record; the Second is that being run by a bunch of idiots, led by the chief idiot, Bud Selig.

Either scenario is plausible.

You can even count for yourself at this page which lists the results of each World Series, 1903-2003, even the two that weren't played, marked as "N/A".

So just to let you allknow that this year is the 100th World Series. Good night.
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