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what was....

the most exciting world series you ever watched or read about?

For me, it was the 1991 series, beloved Braves losing to dastardly jack (off) morris and the twinnings...wasnt it something like 5 games settled by one run and 4 in extra innings???

o i have it all on VHS...it is like TORTURE...

but I feel worse for Phil Niekro, who (if my memory serves me right) never appeared in the Fall Classic, even tho he labored for 20 years with the Braves, who cast him off as too old, went to the Yanks, where he promptly won 16 games two years in a row, then to the Indians, where he threw his no hitter, then maybe a year back with the Braves...I dunno...

I grew up listening on the radio to Knucksie pitch for the anemic Braves of the 70s...except he did throw a n.hitter vs the padres, I think! sorry, I know I am way off target, but golly, I love Phil Niekro and knucklers in general; the Rangers had a similar one in Charlie Hough, but I wont even start...

meanwhile, on JULY 4 1984 at Arlington Stadium I saw NYY Phil Niekro blank the Rangers for 8 innings and collect his 3000th KO, except he threw a knuckler and it was a passed ball and Larry Parish reached first--apropos.

OH OH OH, I almost forgot, I got Phil's autograph that night, July 4, 1984!!!! {{{swoon}}}}
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I have to agree with you on the 1991 Fall Classic, but I also remember the 1986 World Series, I was only eight years old, and it is the first World Series I can remember...and I must say, the dramatic ninth-inning two out rally by the Mets culminating with the ground-ball going under Buckner's legs...for years I would continue to think that such ninth-inning rallies were not only possible, but expected, making the loss that much harder to accept when the rally failed to materialize. The 1987 NLCS between the Giants and Cardinals comes to mind...

One other thing, and that growing up, Charlie Hough was synonymous with junk-baller...though now, watching Bill Lee pictch for the Red Sox during the seventies, I think even Charlie Hough has to take a back seat to some of the junk "Spaceman" threw.
I still have nightmares about the ball rolling through bumbling Buckner's legs...actually, Buckner was a great hitter and had terrible knees, but still...e gad!!!!!!! I was so rooting for the Red Sox that year.

Went I went to Wrigley for the first time in summer 86 I could have sworn Buckner was playing for the Dodgers (against the Cubbies) but maybe I've got something wrong...??
Hey, I would like to join this community...I am probably younger than the other guys here being that I'm 15 but I am LOVE the game of baseball. My favorite team is without a doubt the Chicago Cubs...I am not a big fan of most of the superstars of today...I admire the utility guys, backups, and journeymen the most. I think I could learn a lot from you guys. As a bargaining chip I give you the link to one of the best baseball sites I have ever seen...


dude, 86.
The 1991 series were the one that drew me to the game. I always liked it, but I never really got into it, with Baseball over here as big as Soccer in the US. Nice to play at school, but no serious sport for adults.

In 1991 cable was something new and the World Series on tv at night was a great adventure. I clearly remember choosing the Braves as my team after the first two games. The last game I watched until 4 something in the morning, witht he game going 10 innings. At 7 I had to get back up to get back to college in time. I remember nearly falling asleep a few times that day. I was hooked on the game from then on though.
that's cool...

but, alas, it appears as though the Braves are biting the dust tonight in game five vs the Stros...
I've noticed now. Glad I didn't stay up this time. Losing a game and being awake at 4am to live to read about it would have made my day...
knuckleballers are #1